Umbrella company benefits for agencies

Umbrella company benefits for agencies

Umbrella company benefits for agencies

How do agencies benefit from using an umbrella company?

There are significant advantages for agencies who use a company such as Focused Umbrella for their temp workforce – additionally, there are also real benefits for the temp involved, which makes it an attractive proposition for both parties.

Focused Umbrella are the preferred supplier for the UK’s leading recruitment agencies. The reason these partnerships work so well is that the Focused team are made up of recruitment professionals who understand the industry from the perspective of both the agency and the temp.

This unique approach ensures a hassle-free experience which, encourages more temps and contractors to make this flexible way of working a career choice.

As for the benefits to the agency who refers the temp or contractor to Focused Umbrella, they enjoy increased margins by cutting the cost of their temporary workforce and the decreased admin burden associated with running a PAYE payroll.

The Focused Umbrella package of temp and contractor benefits, enables the agency to easily sell the advantages of working in this flexible way, which promotes better retention for the agency.

For the temp, as they are fully employed by Focused Umbrella, they gain benefits that provide them with assurance and security as well as an increase of 20% in their take home pay.

The benefits include:

  • Holiday Pay
  • Sick Pay
  • Free Eye tests
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel, meals and other expenses reimbursed tax free
  • Fast and efficient salary payments
  • SMS messaging payment notification
  • All the necessary insurances such as public liability and employers liability
  • Improved credit status
  • Expertise and support from 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday.

The Focused Umbrella account management team would be happy to talk through the advantages in more detail so please call 0845 47 47 001 or email .

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