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Agency Worker Regulations

Agency Working Regulations (AWR) are a set of legal guidelines in the UK designed to protect the rights of agency workers. These regulations aim to ensure that agency workers receive equitable treatment compared to direct employees, particularly concerning pay and working conditions.

Who does AWR protect?

AWR primarily safeguards the rights of agency workers employed through intermediary entities such as umbrella companies like Focused Umbrella. These regulations extend protection to individuals who work temporarily for a client company through an agency arrangement.

All agency workers who are classed as:

  • employed or contracted by a temporary work agency
  • where they are working temporarily for and under the direction of a hirer

All agency workers who are classed as:

  • on agency payroll
  • working for an umbrella company

What are workers entitled to?

Under AWR, agency workers are entitled to equal treatment with direct employees after completing a 12-week qualifying period. This includes:


Equal Pay

Agency workers should receive the same pay rates as direct employees in comparable roles after the qualifying period.


Working Conditions

Agency workers are entitled to similar working conditions as direct employees, such as access to facilities and amenities provided by the client.


Holiday Entitlement

After the qualifying period, agency workers should receive the same holiday entitlement as direct employees, calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Looking for Advice?

At Focused Umbrella, we ensure that our contractors receive comprehensive support and guidance to understand their rights under AWR. Our commitment to transparency, reliability, and care ensures that agency workers can navigate the complexities of employment regulations with confidence and peace of mind.

Simply call 0161 923 0210 [Option 3] and let us take it from there.

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