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About us
As a contractor, working through Focused means you can expect prompt and accurate payment without fail. We offer unmatched reliability, quick-and-easy onboarding and a genuinely caring approach for total peace of mind. From payroll to tax, benefits to pensions, we take care of everything. With Focused, you can be sure that you’ve got your money, and we’ve got you covered.

Focused was founded in 2003 to provide an umbrella company that you can not only rely on, but one that keeps things simple while truly caring about the wants and needs of our contractors and agency partners.

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We know how important it is that you’re paid the right amount on the right day. Which is why we keep you fully informed with text messages letting you know when payment has been made so you’ll never need to chase. We’re also held to the highest standards of compliance, transparency and reliability by the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA).

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We’ve stayed true to our small company origins, nurturing every relationship and making every contractor feel valued. We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach – from your initial phone call, to assigning a dedicated team member to, support your every step. Therefore, we promise to respond to your emails in under an hour and limit call-wait times to no longer than one minute.

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We make things as straightforward as possible. Our online joining portal is designed for quick and easy onboarding that takes less than ten minutes. And so you always know where you stand, we make things fully transparent. From a friendly welcome call, to payslips that include a complete breakdown of deductions so you always understand your money. We take you through things step-by-step.

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