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for recruitersFocused on enhancing your reputation whilst reducing your workload

Focused was founded in 2004 to provide a truly comprehensive, effective umbrella service. Industry-leading expertise, a flexible, personalised approach and our exceptional attention to detail has enabled us to achieve that ambition.

We have developed umbrella services designed to work as hard for agencies as they do for the many skilled contractors who work with us, across a range of industry sectors, from healthcare and science, to technology, finance, insurance and education. Most of our staff have years of experience working in the recruitment sector so have an unusually strong understanding of the sorts of challenges agencies face; and of how to configure the working relationship between Focused and agencies to obtain the best possible outcomes for the agency, their client and contractors.

If your agency works with Focused you’ll benefit from the years of experience and knowledge that our staff possess; and from our straightforward, professional approach. We’ll manage all the time-consuming administrative processes, handling contractors’ queries on your behalf, and you can also rest assured that we will have addressed all relevant compliance issues in forensic detail. We will happily complete any due diligence tasks you feel are appropriate and you are very welcome to review our extensive audit processes in detail.

Compliance has always been a very important priority for us. We have always shunned the idea that an umbrella company should look for shortcuts which might bring short-lived gains at the expense of our recruitment partner’s brand reputation. The service we provide will help protect your brand, allowing you to attract and retain the best contractors and to deliver the best possible outcomes for your clients.

In many cases Focused is now an agency’s sole umbrella services provider, while the recruitment sector expertise upon which our staff can draw is one of the key reasons why major national agencies now count us among a select group of specialists with whom they have formed their most productive partnerships.

Key benefits:

  • Industry-leading, meticulous approach to compliance
  • Exceptional service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Healthy margin-increasing opportunities
  • Simple set-up process with same day contract turnaround
  • Improved take home pay for contractors
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Tailored back office processes
  • Free comprehensive insurance cover up to £25 million
  • Free consultant training programmes
  • Contractor access to a user-friendly, secure personal portal to view personal and assignment details and contract information, submit timesheets, claim for expenses, view payslips etc.
  • NEST pension scheme
  • Free emergency payment process
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