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The power of LinkedIn for contractors

In recent years we have seen a meteoric rise in social media, including companies turning to social media to attract customers. If utilised effectively, these can be a fantastic tool for contractors too. However, LinkedIn stands above the rest in terms of effectiveness for contractors. In this article we cover some key elements to get you on your way.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool which is widely used by professionals and offers unique opportunities to networks with contacts and search for future assignments and roles. In this article we cover off where to start when it comes to LinkedIn.

Get things started – set up your profile

Signing up and getting your profile optimised is quick and easy, however it’s important that you hit certain criteria to maximise your opportunities:

  • A professional headshot – Now your headshot doesn’t have to be taken by a professional but it should look professional. First impressions count, so choose a photo with good lighting and a suitable outfit.
  • Use keywords throughout your profile – Including keywords like your job title, past experiences and the fact that you’re a contractor can make you easier to find by end-clients or recruiters. You can also include additional skills that you’re proficient in such as python programming or SEO optimisation.
  • Work experience – List previous work experiences that you’ve had, it’s best practice to include the length of time and a brief summary of key skills that you demonstrated and the results that you were responsible for generating.

Be sure to add your skills

Adding skills to your profile can highlight your abilities to prospective end clients. You can prompt colleagues past and present to ‘endorse’ you, this adds credibility to these skills. This could make you stand out from other contractors in your industry.

Get networking!

Now that your profile is optimised, you’ll soon find messages popping in from recruiters or end clients advertising roles which you may be interested in. You can increase the chances of receiving relevant in mails by following companies in your industry, posting relevant content and interacting with industry leaders. This will also increase your exposure in newsfeeds, therefore improving your visibility.

Be sure to search for contracts in your industry by monitoring groups and hashtags, where you can apply for future assignments.