Guide to the Pensions Act & Auto-Enrolment

Guide to the Pensions Act & Auto-EnrolmentPensions Act Explained

The Act helps eligible employees save for their retirement. The legislation was brought in on 1st October 2012 and obliged employers to make pension contributions to its employees in certain circumstances. This requirement came into effect over a 5 year period and depended upon the size of the employer’s company. The staging date for Focused Umbrella was 1st August 2013.

Auto-Enrolment Explained

All eligible employees must be automatically enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme. Employees have the right to ‘opt out’ of the scheme, but only after they have been enrolled. Employers must not discourage employees from joining the scheme or provide any unsolicited ‘opt out’ information.

Agencies Responsibilities

All employers must provide a qualifying pension scheme and contribute 2% of an employee’s gross taxable earnings into the pension fund.

How can Focused help you?

Focused uses a qualifying pension scheme called Nest to meet its employer’s obligations. We:

  • automatically enrol all qualifying employees and make payments into the NEST Pension Scheme
  • provide employees with comprehensive information packs
  • manage the pension administration.

If you have any queries please contact your Account Manager on 0161 971 9181.


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