Another milestone for the UK’s best umbrella company

Another milestone for the UK’s best umbrella company

Another milestone for the UK’s best umbrella company

Focused Umbrella: passing stringent audit to gain full membership of Professional Passport

Leading umbrella services provider Focused Umbrella is proud to announce that it has passed stringent audit requirements to be accepted as a member of Professional Passport, an independent membership organisation working with all sectors of the flexible workers market.

Professional Passport is the largest independent compliance assessor operating in the umbrella/service provider sector and an author of the compliant umbrella providers’ operational handbook. Focused was required to pass an intensive four-day audit process to become a member of Professional Passport, incorporating rigorous analysis of the company’s organisational structure, financial details and business processes. The draft audit report produced at the end of this process will now become a benchmark for six monthly reviews.

Tracie Bates, founder and managing director at Focused Umbrella said:

“We’re delighted to have passed this audit and become members of Professional Passport. Compliance has always been a very important priority for Focused. I set up Focused in 2004 because I believed I could deliver a better service than was being offered by many umbrella companies at the time. Compliance was a key driver from day one and we take great pride in the numerous audits and inspections the company has passed over the years.”

“Unlike some industry participants we do not believe in looking for shortcuts which might bring short-term financial gains, but could end up costing a recruitment agency or an employer their good reputation and leave contractors fearing a call from the Revenue. The service we provide is designed to protect contractors and our agency partners.”

In just nine years since its launch in 2004, Focused Umbrella has developed a fine reputation as a leading umbrella company, working to deliver optimum outcomes for contractors, recruitment agencies and their end clients. A combination of high quality, personalised service, an unmatched list of benefits for employee contractors; and staff who have a deep experience and understanding of this market has helped Focused to win and retain contractors and agency clients.

Most of the company’s staff have years of experience working in the recruitment sector so have an unusually strong understanding of how to configure the optimum working relationship between Focused, recruitment agencies and their clients to obtain the best possible outcomes for all interested parties.

About Professional Passport

Professional Passport is an independent membership organisation working with all sectors of the flexible workers market: contractors, agencies, end clients and service providers. Its aim is to deliver significant benefits to all member organisations, including risk reduction, process simplification, cost savings and unbiased guidance. Professional Passport works closely with Government departments and industry trade bodies to identify issues associated with changes in legislation and working practices, then design suitable solutions to address these issues in a practical and regulatory-compliant manner. Professional Passport is the largest independent assessor of provider compliance in this market.

About Focused Umbrella

Focused Umbrella was founded in 2004 to provide a truly comprehensive, effective umbrella service. It now works with contractors, agencies and end clients working in a range of industry sectors, from healthcare and science, to technology, finance, insurance and education. The company has developed an unusually positive reputation in the industry for the quality of service delivered, a flexible, personalised approach and an innovative range of benefits.

These include: a dedicated contractor support team available until 8pm every evening; dispensation to accept non-receipted travel and subsistence expenses claims; systems integration with many agency clients to ease timesheet submission and invoice generation; a user-friendly, secure personal portal for contractors; daily payrolls; free death in service insurance worth £10,000; free Optical Healthcare package, including eye tests and glasses; NEST pension scheme; and a recommendation scheme.

For more information:
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