The Umbrella Process

Congratulations, you’ve secured a temporary contract and selected Focused as your employer (you have great taste!) now we need to get you set up and paid so that you can enjoy the spoils of your hard work.  Here’s a brief summary of our processes:


Having spoken to us to understand how much you can take home on a weekly basis and if you haven’t already done so you’ll need to give us your details, including full name, address, DOB, proof of entitlement to work and bank details.  You will need to complete the online registration process but this really shouldn’t take long.

Your Personal Portal Login

Once registered you’ll receive a few welcome emails from us this will include the details for your secure Focused Personal Portal.  This is where you can edit your details, access contract information, view assignment details, submit timesheets, view your payslips and at the end of the year download your P60.

Assignment Creation

We swap contracts with the agency / end client for the provision of your services.  We check out their terms, ensure AWR compliance and put timesheet and invoicing procedures in place.  An assignment record is created on your behalf and accessible via your Focused Personal Portal.

Timesheet Submission

Each week we need to know how many hours you’ve completed so that we can invoice for your time and allocate expenses correctly.  You’ll be pleased to hear that with many agency clients we have system integration, meaning that you only need to fill in one timesheet each week.

Claiming Expenses

As per the legislation change in April 2016 this will be dependent on your Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) status.

If you fall in to the majority of contractors who are under SDC you will still be able reap the rewards from the Focused benefits however you will be unable to claim for your travel to and from work & subsistence, if you have any client rechargeable expenses however you will need to log these on the portal to ensure we process them correctly for you.

If you provide us with the information needed and having had a consultation with our Compliance team who determine you are not under SDC, you will have access to claim for the cost of your travel to and from your work site. Step by step instructions of the claim will be included in your welcome emails.

Invoicing & Payment Chase Ups

We send weekly invoices to agencies and chase payments on your behalf, although we have such strong relationships with our clients that most agencies don’t need that much chasing!  On receipt of funds we match payments with invoices to ensure that hours have been correctly accounted for and where necessary client re-chargeable expenses have been reimbursed.


We run daily payrolls to ensure that 99% of employees are paid on a Friday, a week in arrears of working.  During the payroll process we take care of those fiddly and time consuming tax calculations, student loan deductions, expense reimbursements etc so that when the money hits your bank account you can be confident it’s all yours to spend.


These are emailed to you on a weekly basis when we process your payroll for you, we also make them available on your Focused Personal Portal when the funds hit your bank account and can be printed or saved electronically for your future reference.

Employee Support

Sometimes things go wrong and agency deadlines are missed, whilst often this is through no fault of the contractor, they are the ones who pay the price with delays to their payment.    Focused are different from other umbrellas.  We take our role as your employer seriously and will work hard to fix any problems for you as they arise.  Where payment issues cannot be resolved within an agency’s deadlines we offer a free emergency payment process to get funds to you ahead of the weekend.

Our Contractor Specialist Team are also on hand until 8pm to answer those questions that you want to ask away from the working environment.

The Winning Formula

System automation and an excellent team of dedicated back office staff are what make our processes flow so smoothly.  We have an excellent reputation in the umbrella sector for efficiency and compliance and we look forward to demonstrating this to you very soon.

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