What does the future hold for career choices?

What does the future hold for career choices?

What does the future hold for career choices?

At Focused we always like to ensure our employees are earning as much as they can. Looking to the future it would appear there are a few surprising career paths that may be a lot more financially beneficial than you would currently assume.

It would appear that the jobs we are doing now and the way we operate may not fit the working world of the future. Looking back people tended to have a job for life, now it is evident that temporary contracts and swift changes in career path is ever more popular.

A word of warning, the jobs on the following list may not be ones you have heard of as of yet, but according to leading futurologists they will play a substantial part in the financial success of the children of today.

These jobs are influenced by the ageing population and the trends in the current economy and lifestyle habits. As computers get more intelligent so should those who wish to operate them, companies will need those who understand technology and those who don’t may not find their place in future ‘gold mines’

Have a look:

Digital Architect – The designer of a virtual buildings used for advertisers and retailers.

Home Carer – The carer would care for elderly people in their own homes.

Elderly Well-Being Consultant – A consultant who would specialise in holistic and personalised care for the elderly

Body Part Maker – He/She would create living body parts for athletes and soldiers.

Nano-Medic – The creator of very small implants for health monitoring and self-medication.

Vertical Farmer – A farmer who crops upwards rather than across flat fields to save space.

Waste Data Handler – A person who would dispose of your data waste in a responsible way.

Climate Controller – Someone who would manage and modify weather patterns.

Avatar Manager – This person would design and manage holograms of virtual people

Memory Augmentation Surgeon – He/She would help preserve and improve memory in an ageing population.

Time Broker – Someone who would handle time banked by customers in lieu of money for goods or services.

Personal Branding Manager – A developer and manager of your personal brand.

Child Designer – Designs offspring that fit parental requirements.

Omnipotence Delimiter – Reins in our belief that anything is possible and we are all-powerful.

Personal Medical Apothecary – Someone who provides a bespoke range of alternative therapies.

Haptic Programmer – Develops technology around the science of touch, such as gloves that make your hands feel warm, or wrapped in velvet.

A few interesting careers that people may already be considering and some that you won’t of even thought of yet. Definitely some food for thought!

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