Top Tips for Claiming Mileage

Top Tips for Claiming Mileage

Top Tips for Claiming Mileage

1. Always ask in the petrol station for a VAT receipt

It helps us validate claims quicker if we have your petrol receipt so please either post them to us weekly at Focused, 30 Churchill Square, Kings Hill ME19 4YU or send us a scanned copy with the words PETROL RECEIPT in the subject field.

2. If your mileage doesn’t match the RAC routefinder it will be rejected

We understand that many people have to take a detour to avoid traffic or roadworks.  If you are one of them PLEASE email and tell us about it.  We can then validate your new route and ensure that your claim is not rejected.

3. Every trip is different

Focused see your journey to and from work as two different trips and we need you to record them that way too.  So please take the time to record your home postcode and work postcode together with the mileage for your journey to work.  On the way home record your work postcode and then your home postcode together with the mileage for your journey from work.

4. When you complete your timesheet remember to select the option for Mileage

Focused offer two solutions for people who travel to work by car.  You can either claim for mileage on your portal or opt to receive a fixed value of £4.00 per day.  If you wish to claim your actual mileage, you need to select MILEAGE on your timesheet and then submit your mileage claim.  However, if you wish to claim the fixed value you select FIXED on your timesheet and you don’t need to do anything else!

Please download the Submitting a Mileage Claim PDF for more information

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