Real Time Information 2013

Real Time Information 2013

Real Time Information 2013

Real Time Information (RTI) is the biggest change to the PAYE scheme in many years, as a result all employers will be required to send payroll in ‘real time’, rather than at the end of the year. The benefits of this change will ensure all workers in the UK are paying the correct amount of tax and National Insurance.

Have you made sure that all the information you have provided to Focused is correct? To protect your entitlement to certain state benefits and state pension we need to check that the details on your Focused Personal Portal are accurate and that these match the information held for you by HMRC.  

So what pieces of information should you check, just three.

  • Your full name- official full forenames and surnames
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance number

 Action Points:  

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your employee portal using the tab on the top right
  3. Select the ‘Your Personal Details’ tab
  4. Click ‘View/Update Personal Details’
  5. Click the ‘Edit section’ button to update each section as required.

 You need to ensure that your details are correct as follows:



Your name should match that shown on official documentation, such as your passport.  

Date of Birth

Give the day, month and full year of birth.

National Insurance Number

Your National Insurance number will begin with two letters followed by six numbers and end with another letter.

Full Address

Ensure that your house number and postcode are correct.

Most importantly the details held by Focused must match those held by HMRC if you have changed your name or address and not informed them, you can do so online. Just go to Using the ‘Quick Links’ section you can click ‘Report a Change’ on the left and submit the necessary information online.

 As always thank you for your co-operation.

 The Focused Team


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