Existing contractor

Existing Contractor – New to Focused

At Focused we believe that compliance and professionalism should lie at the heart of all business dealings.  However the real value of our service comes from our extensive experience in the contracting sector, our forward thinking approach and our flexible attitude to processes and systems.

Many experienced contractors join our employment each month and wonder why they hadn’t switched sooner.

Some of the areas in which we are proud to excel include:

  • Hassle free processes
  • Scale rate expenses for subsistence AND travel
  • Acceptance of scanned receipts, saving you the time and cost of postage
  • Non receipted mileage claims
  • Competitive weekly margin £24.50 (around £13 net)
  • System integration with the majority of our agency clients, simplifying timesheet submission & invoice generation
  • Same day payments
  • Free emergency payment process, for when you just need some cash but deadlines have been missed
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