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for contractorsWe’re focused on your contracting career

As a contractor working for Focused you’ll be free to forget any worries you may have about the administrative headaches that could have made your life more complicated and stressful. From dealing with recruitment agencies and HMRC on your behalf to ensuring all necessary deductions and payments have been made and all expenses claims fully compliant, we’ll have everything covered – so you can focus on your assignment.

Focused was founded in 2004 to provide a truly comprehensive, effective umbrella service. Industry-leading expertise, a flexible, personalised approach and our exceptional attention to detail has enabled us to achieve that ambition. Most of our staff have years of experience working in the recruitment sector so have an unusually strong understanding of how to configure the optimum working relationship between Focused, recruitment agencies and their clients to obtain the best possible outcomes for contractors. If you choose to work with Focused you’ll benefit from the years of experience and knowledge that our staff possess; and from our straightforward, professional approach.

Key benefits:

  • Dedicated Contractor Specialist Team available until 8pm every evening
  • Hassle-free, user-friendly processes
  • The only umbrella with dispensation to accept non-receipted travel AND subsistence expenses claims – saving you a significant amount of time and trouble
  • Systems integrated with many agency clients, making timesheet submission and invoice generation even easier
  • User-friendly, secure personal portal, where you can edit personal details, access contract information, view assignment details, submit timesheets, claim for expenses, view payslips and download your P60
  • Daily payrolls with text alerts to confirm payments
  • Free emergency payment process
  • Free Optical Healthcare package, including eye tests and glasses
  • NEST pension scheme
  • Recommendation scheme, offering £75 bonus per successful recommendation, with no limit on the number of times the bonus is paid out
  • No long term obligations or leaving fees
  • All-inclusive accountancy service for contractors/freelancers choosing to operate through their own limited company

With a truly personal approach tailored to suit your personal circumstances, working with Focus will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your assignment. No hidden costs, no training, just great service.

Don’t just take our word for it, see some of the many testimonials we’ve received from contractors who are delighted that they chose to work with Focused.

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